Queen Cream

Queen Cream


Rich and natural face, hand and body moisturizer. Chemical and preservative free. For dry skin, fine lines, wrinkles, scars and stretch marks.

This rich and natural face, hand and body moisturizer is a wonder for dry skin, minimizing fine lines, wrinkles, scars and stretch marks. Its gets even better; Queen Cream doesn’t have any preservatives in it! Say goodbye to over priced creams with mile long lists of ingredients including petroleum by-products, alcohol, and scary chemicals with hard-to-pronounce names. Queen Cream is 100% natural with no preservatives or nasty chemicals. This keeps your skin beautiful and toxin free!

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Refrigerate after opening

Extend the shelf life of your queen cream by storing it somewhere cool (ie not the bathroom), and by avoiding dirty or wet fingers in the jar. Temperature changes may alter the consistency of Queen Cream. If your cream begins to look a bit “granular” after a temperature change don't panic, this is just the cocoa butter solidifying. Those little granules will melt and moisturize as soon as they touch your warm skin.

Jojoba Oil (Simmondsia chinensis), Apricot Kernel Oil (Prunus armeniaca), Grapeseed Oil (Vitis vinifera), Rosehip Seed Oil (Rosa rubiginosa), Cocoa Butter (Theobroma cacao), Rose-Water (Rosa damascena), Aloe Vera Gel, Local Beeswax (Cera alba), Vitamin E & Essential Oils of Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis), Lavender (Lavandula spp.), Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus spp.), Peppermint (Mentha piperita) & Carrot Seed (Daucus carota).

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