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Wild Harvested & Locally Sourced Hand Crafted Herbal Products.

We are a small-batch botanical company based on Vancouver Island that creates wild-harvested and organically grown herbal products. We handcraft each of our products with herbs that we harvest from the wild, grow in our garden, or source from organic farms. We deliver the finest quality products to our customers and their testimonials inspire us to continue our growth.

Nettle & Co was established to share our passion for plants, medicine, and the diverse wilderness of British Columbia. The places we harvest, the plants we collect, and the medicines we prepare have become who we are. We hope to share this experience with our customers in every product we make.


Quality Ingredients

At Nettle & Co, each of our ingredients tells a story, from the wild-harvested Arnica flowers of pristine interior mountains to freshly picked Nettles of remote island valleys and back home to garden-grown Calendula flowers from seeds we collect each year. Our story is about fresh herbs from amazing places brought together in our handcrafted products and the adventure that follows.

Nearly all of our herbs are wild-harvested, grown in our garden, or sourced from local organic farms. None of our products contain synthetic additives, petroleum products, artificial fragrance, parabens, or GMO's.  We wild harvest or grow nearly all of our herbs and handcraft each of our tea blends in small batches. At Nettle & Co. we are committed to providing the finest herbal products that nature can produce. Wild, Pure, Fresh...

Grow it.  Pick it.  Make it.  Heal.




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